How to set up Teams Telephony Presence

If you set up Teams Telephony Presence in your Azure AD, you will be able to see the users' mobile phone presence in Teams – i.e. whether a user is in a phone call, for instance.

There are two steps in setup: First, create a Teams Telephony Presence app in your Azure AD, and then enter information about it in our Teams Telephony Presence setup wizard. You find the wizard in your TDC Erhverv Teams Self-service under Organisation.

Step 1. Create a Teams Telephony Presence app in your Azure AD

1. Log into with an admin acoount and go to App registrations by serching for it in the search field at the top of the page.

2. Then click New registration.

3. Give the app a name, e.g. TDC Erhverv Teams Telephony Presence.

4. Under Supported account types pick Accounts in this organizational directory only.

Leave Redirect URI blank.

It should look like this.

Trin2_billede1.png5. Click Register. The app is now registrered/created.

Save Application (client) ID - this is one of the pieces of information that we need in step 2.


Now set the correct permissions.

6. Under App registrations pick the new app.

7. Go to the menu item API permissions and click permission category Microsoft Graph.



Set Presence.ReadWrite.All - Read and write presence information for all users.



Certain permissions may have Not been granted. This is completely normal. Above the list is a button with the text Grant admin consent for <O365 Tenant Name>.

8. Click on it to activate the permissions.

If the current user does not have directory role Privileged role admin, then the button may not be pressable. In that case, you will need to log in with the admin account that has this role. Otherwise you will not be able to activate the permissions.


This is how it looks with permission for presence.


9. To open your Graph App to API calls we then need to generate a secret for it. With your app still chosen, accesss the menu item Certificates & secrets and click New client secret.




10. Copy this secret value by clicking the copy icon. Once you leave this page, you will never see the secret agaian. Please also note the expiration date - you will also need it later.

2. Enter the Application (client) ID, Client Secret and expiration date in the Teams Telephony Presence setup wizard

Now you must give us the three pieces of information about the app. This is done in your TDC Erhverv Teams Self-service. Log into and click Organisation and then setup Opsætning.


Enter Application (client) ID and Client Secret in step 2.

Click Add.


Then enter Application (client) ID of the Teams Telephony Presence app that you just crated (in the field Client ID), and then the secret (in the field Client Secret).


Finally, set expiration date in Choose validity start date to be today and fill in Choose validity end date with the expiration date you choose earlier.

Now you add a note to your calendar one week before the secret expires. On this date, you log into the Azure portal and create a new secret - yes, you may have multiple secrets for the same app. Enter the details of this new app in the wizard and delete the old one.

Then click Add and then Next.


You can now test whether everything is set up and entered correctly.


If everything is green you can go aheaad and activate Presence by clicking Activate Teams Telephony Presence in step 4.


Presence is now set up on your Teams solution.


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