How to move from Basic Authentication to using OAuth for calendar integration in Competella

This article describes how to set up your Office 365 and Azure environment to start using the Competella calendar integration with Exchange online. Microsoft will change the way of doing this authentication in Office 365 from fall 2021. After this time there will be no support for the basic authentication. 

What you need to do?

To continue using the calendar services in your Competella solution from TDC Erhverv you need to do some basic setup of your Office 365 and Azure environment. This includes registering an App in Azure that handles the authentication towards the Competella solution from TDC Erhverv.

When the following steps have been completed, you must send three pieces of data to TDC Erhverv Cloud Support. This is described in detail at the bottom of this article.

Required basic knowledge 

The installation procedure requires that you have detailed knowledge of the existing IT environment and detailed knowledge of the Teams deployment in Azure. 

Accounts and Permissions Requirements 

The person performing the configuration tasks for the customer in Azure needs to have sufficient permissions in Azure to add applications in “App registrations” - for instance, the roles Application Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator or Global Admin. 

The step-by-step guide

1. Log on to with an account with an Application AdministratorCloud Application Administrator or Global Admin role that has the permissions to create and manage Apps in your Tenant. 


2. Click on Azure Active Directory followed by clicking on App registrations.


3. Select New registration and input the following details:

  • Name: CompetellaCalendarOAuthApp 
  • Supported account types:  Accounts in this organizational directory only 
  • Redirect URI:Public client/native and urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob 


4. Click Register 

5. Copy the value of Application (client) ID to, for instance, a notepad.


6. Click and select API permissions.


7. Choose Add a permission.

8. This will open a side panel where you pick APIs my organization uses and then search for "Office 365 Exchange Online"



9. Then click Office 365 Exchange Online in the list.

10. Select Application permission. Under Select permissions set a check for full_access_as_app and click on the blue button Add permissions.


11. Select Grant admin consent for <name of organization>.


12. Click Yes in the popup. 

13. Select Certificate & secrets 

14. Click on New Client Secret  

  • Add short description: CompetellaCalendarOAuthAppSecret 
  • Set Expires to Never 

15. Click Add.


16. Copy the value of the newly created client secret to, for instance, a notepad.


And the final and most important step...

Send the below three pieces of data to TDC Erhverv Cloud Support using the ticket that we sent you:

  • The value of Application (client) ID that you copied in step 5
  • The secret value that you copied in step 15
  • Your tenant domain name - can be found under Azure Active Directory -> Custom domain names. The domain name we are looking for ends with

Once received, we will configure your Competella solution backend

Thank you very much for your help.

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