How do we move number and change SIM card when switching to Teams?

Your mobile subscriptions will be moved from your current operator to TDC Erhverv when you switch to our Teams product. The actual porting (moving of the numbers) takes place during the night leading up to your GoLive date.

This means that the individual employee keeps his or her current mobile number, but must put a new SIM card in his or her phone when the existing one stops working on the GoLive date. It is therefore important that you have your new SIM card with you that day.

The new SIM card

You typically receive all your SIM cards well in advance of the commissioning date, so there is time to distribute them to all employees.

Each SIM card is glued to a cover letter containing the employee's name and details about the card and the start date. 

The letter also contains the SIM card's PIN and PUK codes, but once the SIM card has been activated, the letter can be discarded, as all employees with a mobile subscription associated with Teams can see their PIN and PUK code by logging into Teams Self-service.

Here they can also suspend their SIM card and order a new one in case they lose their phone.


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