How to create a group in Azure AD and add employees to it

If you have many user objects (e.g. more than 200) in your Azure AD, fetching them into Self-service may be a heavy load - especially if only a fraction of the objects is relevant users. Therefore, we recommend that you create a group in your Azure AD where you then place the employees that will be using our Teams solution.

You do that by logging into with an account holding a Global Administrator role.

1. Find Azure Active Directory and click it.



2. In here you click Groups and choose + New Group.


3. Then choose Office 365 under Group type.

In Group name you give the group a telling name - e.g. TDC Erhverv Teams. You can also add a description under Group description.

Membership type must be Assigned.


Finally, click Create.


The group has now been created and appears in the group list.

How to add employees to the group

Note: When you add an employee to a group, the employee is notified about it with an e-mail. You can choose to inform the employees about this in advance or - if you have PowerShell skills in your organisation - disable it. See how here.

1. Click the group to start adding employees to it.


2. Then click Members and then + Add members.


3. Then search for the employees you want to add to the group in the list on the right.


4. Clicking an employee will add him/her to the list Selected items.

Once the list contains all the employees, you want to add, click Select.


The employees are now added to the group and you can use it to filter in Teams Self-service.

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