How Teams Self-service works for end-users - i.e. users without an administrator role

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Our Teams Self-service is of course also available to end-users - that is, for those employees who are not administrators in our solution but simply exist in your AD and has a subscription in our solution.

As an end-user, you can view information about your own subscription, licenses and base information from your organization's employee directory. If you have a mobile subscription, you can also view your mobile package and PIN and PUK code for your SIM card.

Should you lose your phone, you can also suspend the SIM card and order a new one with few clicks.

How to log into Teams Self-service

There are two ways to access Teams Self-service:

If you install and access the app in Teams, you will already be logged in through your Office 365 account. Your Office 365 account is the one you use to log on to your PC.

If you access via you will be asked to log in. Here you also use your Office 365 account.


My page in Teams Self-service

When you access Teams Self-service as an end-user, you see information about yourself and your subscriptions at the top of the page. The profile picture, name, email address, title, department, Azure link and your Office 365 licenses are all pieces of data we get from your organization's employee directory - the so-called Azure AD.

So if anything is missing, it needs to be filled in there. Ask your IT dudes or dudesses.

Just below your email address, you can see your landline number as well as your mobile number and package. If you have one, of course. 


Further down the page you can read more about your mobile package and find your PIN and PUK code, if you need them. Note that the PIN is the one your SIM card had from the start. However, you may have changed the PIN yourself afterwards.

If you have lost your phone, you can disable your SIM card by clicking Suspend and order new SIM card.


Then look through all the fields and check whether we have the correct mailing address for the new SIM card. If you want a different address, simply change it.

Finally, click Suspend and re-order.


You can now see that the order has been created. And if you click Go to support ticket, you're able to follow the order.

At the bottom we've placed links to YouSee Musik (a music streaming service) included in our mobile subscription. There is also a link til a SkyApp user guide.

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