How to create a team and invite your colleagues to it

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Creating a team in Teams is easy and anyone can do it. You don't need permission from an administrator or similar to create a workspace for your colleagues.

Start by going into the Teams menu item and selecting Join or create a team.


This shows you a complete list of all the teams that already exist in your organization. Some of them you join just by clicking and others may be set up so that it requires approval to become a member.

To create a new team, simply click the box in the upper left corner called Create a Team.


First, decide whether you want to create the team based on an existing group or team in Office 365, or from scratch.

If you choose a first, you get the opportunity to pick what you want it to be based on: Choosing an existing team means that apps, settings and channels are copied to your new team. With an Office 365 group, people from the group will automatically be added as members of your new team.

If you choose to create a team from scratch, you must then decide whether the team should be open to everyone in your organization or whether membership requires permission - from you and any other owners.


Then you give the team a name and add a little description of it.

And that's actually it. The team is now created.

Well done.

With your newly created team in hand, you will then have the opportunity to add members to it. Once you have found a colleague and added that person, you can choose whether to make him or her a regular member or owner.


Owners of a team can change the team name and description, add members to it and can also delete it. When you create a team, you automatically become the owner of it.


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