How Teams Self-service views data from your Azure AD

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Your Azure Active Directory is your user directory in Office 365 - you could also call it your list of colleagues.

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When you are set up as a customer with us, you set up your Azure AD so that Teams Self-service can communicate with it.

This way, you don't have to do the duplicate work of both creating your users in AD and in our solution. Your Azure AD is the main data source from which we view data about your users.

Data is first and last name, avatar (profile picture), e-mail address, licenses, title, department and the so-called Object ID, which is a unique key that identifies this particular user.


In addition to this we present four pieces of anonymous Teams consumption data from your tenant. These are the figures for organisation-wide consumption.


All other pieces of data - for instance phone numbers and information on SIM cards - are something we add to the user in Teams Self-service.

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