Ten Teams tips and tricks

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Tip number 1 - forward e-mails to Teams

You get an email into boring old Outlook, which you would like to share with colleagues inside a Teams team, you don't have to copy/paste. Each channel in a team has an email address to which you simply forward the email. It then (almost magically) appears in the channel thread.

You can find the email address by clicking on the channel's three dots and choosing Get email addres.


Tip number 2 - simplified reader

If someone writes a longer post in a Teams thread, you can turn on Simplified Reader with one click.
This opens a more readable version of the post. You can even get it read to you by clicking the play button at the bottom of the reader. Out with the popcorn.

To view a post in Simplified Reader, click on the three dots and select Simplified Reader.


Tip number 3 - add other cloud-based storage accounts

In the Files area in Teams, you can add a number of other cloud-based file storage accounts. For instance, dropbox and your personal OneDrive, but also services like box.com.


Tip number 4 - Teams meeting directly from a channel

If you start a meeting directly from a channel in a team, you get suggested team members as meeting participants. It's a quick way to meet in a team.


Tip number 5 - filter and mark unread

In your activity stream, you can filter all sorts of things. For instance, you can choose to focus only on posts where you are mentioned, or only on unread items.


In the activity stream - and also in your chats - you can mark things as unread by clicking on the three dots.


Tip number 6 - keyboard shortcuts

No tips and tricks about a product without mentioning keyboard shortcuts. We know there are shortcut nerds out there.

See all the shortcuts right here

Tip number 7 - add 3rd party apps

You can add GitHub, Salesforce, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Jira and hundreds of other cool apps - including our own Self-service app - to your teams or chats. 

You do this by clicking Apps in the left menu of Teams or - if you want to add at the team level - the plus at the top of the tabs.


Tip number 8 - clean up

After using Teams just a little while, it can get a little confusing with all the teams and chats in the menu on the left. Fortunately, you can easily hide teams from the overview by clicking the three dots.

New activity in hidden teams will, of course, still appear under, for example, Activities.


You can also hide chats this way.

Tip number 9 - commands in the search box

If you type a slash in the Teams search box, you can perform a wide range of functions directly from there. And with the @ sign, you can go directly to user profiles or apps.


Tip number 10 - search the chats and name them

To find a specific chat that you may have had a long time ago, use the global search box at the top of Teams. Here you can search into the body of the chat and quickly find that all-important chat about "hamster feed".

Chats, which have more than two participants, you can also name - and thus find faster.


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