How to manage subscriptions in Teams Self-service

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When you log into Teams Self-service you will be met by the dashboard where you can see at the top how many employees you have in your Azure AD. Azure AD is your user list in Office 365 that Teams Self-service is able to look into.

Just below that number, you can see how many of your employees have no subscription with us.


To add subscriptions with us (ie telephony in Teams and/or mobile telephony), click on ADD or on Users in the menu on the left.

This will take you to the user list, where you can quickly find the employee(s) you want to add a subscription to - either by searching or using one of the quick search links below the search box.


Once you find the user, click Activate Teams telephony or Create mobile subscription. Teams telephony gives the user the ability to dial in and out of Teams. Mobile subscription puts a mobile package on top.

Activate Teams telephony

Clicking Activate Teams telephony will open the employee's user profile in the relevant section.



Here you have to decide what fixed telephone number and extension number he should have.

The landline number becomes the employee's OneNumber, on which they call and can receive calls in Teams. When a mobile number is added, you can choose which number to show when calling. 


Once you have chosen the numbers, click Create.


Now you have added telephony to the employee's Teams application.

Please note that voice-enabling a user in Teams requires a Phone Service license. Phone Service comes with the Office 365 E5 license, but must be purchased on the side of the E3 and E1 licenses. With the Microsoft 365 Business licenses the license Microsoft 365 Business Voice need to be added to the user in order to voice-enable Teams. 

In the top section of the user profile you can see what licenses this employee has.

If the employee is not sufficiently licensed, simply access your Office 365 administration panel and assign the correct license.

Create mobile subscription

Clicking Create mobile subscription will open the employee's user profile in the relevant section. Here you'll be asked to pick four things. You do that under  Select mobile subscription. With our Teams solution you can choose from four mobile packages.


2. Next, select mobile number. Here you can either choose from a number of numbers in our series or you can choose to import a number from outside. If you choose the latter, an importing process is initiated, where the employee is automatically sent a power of attorney, which he or she must sign and return to us.

3. The third thing you need to decide on the employee's behalf is whether to send a SIM card by post or whether you want to use any unassigned SIM cards that you may have with you. If you do not have unassigned SIM cards, you can order some under Organisation.

If you choose to send a SIM card, you can also choose where the SIM card should be sent. After all, it might make the most sense to send the card to the employee's private address. The SIM card is 1-2 business days to arrive.

4. Finally, choose whether the employee needs data sharing SIM cards for the subscription.

And click Create.

You have now added a mobile subscription to the employee.

Change a subscription

If you want to change a subscription - for example, going from Teams telephony with mobile phone directly to a subscription with Teams telephony only - just click on the three dots next to the subscription on the user's profile page.


Click Cancel.

Then pick what to do with the subscription. In this example we choose to cancel the mobile subscription, but retain Teams telephony.

Then click Next step.


Click Confirm to complete the change.

You have now changed the user's subscription.

Create user that is not in your AD

If needed, you can create a user here in Teams Self-service that does not exist in your AD. That user will have no relation to your AD and will thus not be able to get Teams telephony.

Such a user will only be able to get a flat mobile subscription, and will also not have access to My Page in Teams Self-service. However, the mobile subscription will of course appear on your invoice from us.

You create the user by clicking the plus icon in the upper right corner.


You then fill in the fields with name, subscription, number, where you want the SIM card sent, data sharing SIMs and so on.

Finally, click Create.


The user will now appear in the list with a broken link icon, indicating the missing relation to your AD.




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