How to use Teams as your telephone

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Our solution allows you to use Teams as a telephone. This gathers all your communication channels in one application - instant messaging, video calls, online meetings and telephone calls.

This means that in our solution you have a telephone dialpad in the Calls area of ​​your Teams application. Using that or through your contacts you can make phone calls to phones.

If you do not have the dialpad in Teams, it is because your user profile has not yet activated Teams telephony. Your administrator can easily do that in our Self-service.



You can, of course, also take calls through the Teams application on your computer. Incoming calls will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. From there you can accept or reject the call.



If you want to chage the way calls are handled with Teams, simply access Settings. They are available in the upper right corner of the Teams application.


Then pick the area Calls in Settings.

In there you can choose what to do with incoming calls - when voicemail kicks in, whether you want to forward all calls, ringtone and so forth.

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