How to collaborate on a file in Teams

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One of the cool features of Teams is the way you can collaborate on files.

You can collaborate within the file itself - if it is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Visio document - but you can also include it in a discussion thread in the team. Each team and each channel has a file area where the files that you share in the team are automatically uploaded.

To get an overview, just click Files.


How to add a file

You can always put a file directly into a channel's file area by clicking Upload when you are inside the file area. Here you can also create new files directly in Teams by clicking New.


However, if you need to collaborate on a file - for example, have input or approval from other team members - it may make good sense to upload the file directly in the channel's current thread - i.e. the Conversations area.

To do this, click the attach icon, select the file you want to add to the discussion - and then accompany the file with a description of what you need - for instance, "Hello guys. Here is the budget sheet. Will you provide input - especially on sheet 3. Cheers!".


After you add the file to the discussion, it will also automatically appear in the Files area.

How to work together on a file

The other team members now have access to the file and can view it by clicking it. When you have it open on your computer, you can edit it by clicking Open and choosing the editing method. However, only if it is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Vision file.


Your colleagues can also discuss the file in your conversation thread in the team - just like any other chat conversation by typing in the reply box or maybe giving a thumbs up.


This allows you to quickly get input or approval - all without attaching a file to an e-mail, sending it to a group of people, coming back in a number of different versions and so on.

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