How to cancel a subscription

Please note: When you cancel a subscription it is the entire user profile and not just the mobile subscription that is taken down.

Start out by signing in to Self-service.

Find the (perhaps now ex-) colleague whose subscription you want to take down. You can either click on Subscription and then Overview and find them in the list or by searching the person through the search box.

Once on the user profile, click Subscription section in the menu on the left and click Cancel subscription.


Then pick the e-mail address for the cancellation order receipt, and decide on whether the mobile number should be reserved for later use.

If you chose to reserve the number, it will be suspended at the chosen date. The number will still be available for your organisation and will appear on the invoice as a resting subscription. If the number has not been reserved, it will no longer be available to you after the chosen date.

Then select the cancellation date and click on the Cancel subscription.



The chosen e-mail address will now receive a receipt, and the user will be taken down when we get to the cancellation date.

Please note that the selected date only describes when the technical suspension will take place, and not how long you will be billed for the subscription.


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