What is TDC Erhverv Teams?

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TDC Erhverv Teams is a unified solution to communicate and collaborate digitally with both your colleagues and your connections outside the organization.

Telephony merged with Office 365

With TDC Erhverv Teams you can call via your computer or mobile phone. You also get a landline number that you can choose to show when you call during business hours - you can then show your mobile number when you're off work. We connect your mobile phone with Teams - and thus Office 365.

Collaboration in Office 365

With the Teams program you can move your work teams closer together in the cloud.

You can collaborate via chat threads instead of e-mail, hold online meetings, view colleagues' status, edit files at the same time and best of all ... customize your workspace with powerful tools, websites and apps.

All these features are included in your Teams communication solution from us.

Easy self-service directly in Teams - also for end-users

And we've built our Self-service and support universe into Teams so you don't have to leave the program at all when you need to add a new employee, suspend a SIM card or order a headset. Here you can also see the operational status of our solutions.

And there is also access to Teams Self-service for end-users. They can see their subscription, mobile package, PIN and PUK code, suspend their lost SIM card and much more.

Sounds good?

If you are not yet a Teams customer with us, get in touch with us right here.


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