How to use call transfer in SkyApp

To enable call transfer in SkyApp, the feature must be switched on for the individual user profile in Self-service.

The call transfer feature is only for users with Classic OneNumber. Mobile OneNumber users will not have the feature toggle on their user profile.

Note that if you enable call transfer on a user profile, it will add a few hundred milliseconds to the time it takes for the user to initiate calls.

How to enable call transfer for a user

1. Log on to

2. Find the user profile that you want to enable the feature on. You can use the search box in the upper right corner.

3. Click Mobile in the side menu and select Call transfer in SkyApp.

4. Click on Turn on.

The user is now ready to transfer active calls in SkyApp.

How to transfer a call in SkyApp

When you have an active call on your phone, it is indicated inside SkyApp with a green ribbon. If you want to tranfer a call, press the relevant person in your contacts.


The call is now transferred.

If you have an Android phone, you can also transfer the call to a phone number not in your contacts. You do this by pressing the keypad icon in the upper right corner.

Then enter the phone number you want to transfer to.

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