Teams suppresses Skype for Business on our computers. What's wrong?

We have, unfortunately, experienced that some of our customers have Teams automatically installed with newer Microsoft Office 365 updates, and changes the way Skype for Business works in your organisation.

If you want to use Teams in your organization alongside our Skype for Business solution

If you want to use Teams at the same time as our Skype for Business solution, you need to change the coexistence state between Teams and Skype for Business.

The only way to accomplish this is currently in Office 365 via PowerShell (with a administrator login, of course). Run the command below to change the coexistence state.

PS C: Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName SfBWithTeamsCollab -Global

After running the above, the coexistence mode should be changed to SfBWithTeamsCollab.

Note that if the coexistence state changes to other values, it may affect federation patterns against other Office 365 tenants.

If you do not want to use Teams in your organization

If you do not want to use Teams in your organization, disable the Teams license in Office 365 under Product licenses.

We are in continuous dialogue with Microsoft about this challenge and are keeping this support article up to date

Missing federation and presence externally (e.g. towards Office 365 users)

When using Skype for Business via TDC Erhverv Cloud Solutions we strongly recommend that you
disable SIP for the domain(s) used in TDC Cloud Solutions Skype for Business.

This is done with the following command in PowerShell and needs to be done for ALL domains, that use our Skype for Business solution and only for these.

More information can be found here.

PS C:\> Disable-CsOnlineSipDomain -Domain <domain used at TDC CS SfB>

The following will happen for the users, having the SIP domain that you remove via the cmdlet:

  • Their SIP addresses will be removed from Office 365 (Exchange online etc.)
  • All contacts and meetings for these users hosted in Skype for Business Online will be deleted.
  • These users will no longer be able to login to the Skype for Business Online environment.
  • Microsoft Teams will no longer be able to inter-operate with Skype for Business users.
  • Microsoft Teams users will NOT be able to federate with any Teams users in other organizations.

(Updated 4 March 2020)

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