Introduction to SkyApp

SkyApp frees you from your desk and gives you overview and a number of communication options when on the move. With SkyApp you can:

  • Call out and send text messages
  • Look in calendars and create meetings
  • See your colleagues' presence
  • Temporarily leave mobile call groups (though not e.g. Competella groups) 
  • Pick which phone number to show – and schedule it
  • Carry out so-called SIP Out and Callback calls

How to download and log into SkyApp

SkyApp is available for both iOS and Android phones.

  • If you have an iPhone, head over to the App Store (click here).
  • If you are Android user, go to Google Play (click here).

Once installed, you make your initial login by entering your e-mail address and pressing Forgot Password.

If you have an Android phone you will receive a text message describing how to choose a new password. If you have an iPhone, you will receive an e-mail with the information.

Once you have chosen a password, go ahead and log in. This will take you to the front page.

Here you have access to your upcoming calendar appointments, and at the top there is a search field for your contacts. The contacts in SkyApp are your phone's local contacts combined with the contacts you have in your organization.

At the bottom there is a shortcut to a visual voicemail. However, this feature is only available to our Business One customers.

How to place calls from SkyApp

There are two ways to make a regular call from SkyApp. Either you search for a colleague via the search field and then press Call. Or you press the key menu  in the upper right corner, dial the number and press Call.

Previously, there were two alternatives to making a regular call, SIP Out and Callback. These features have been disabled and are anyways obsolete due to new price structures on foreign calls.


How to transfer a call in SkyApp

Before you can transfer calls in SkyApp, the feature needs to be activated on your user profile. This is done in our Self-service - read more here

When you have an active call on your phone, it is indicated inside SkyApp with a green ribbon. If you want to tranfer a call, press the relevant person in your contacts.


The call is now transferred.

If you have an Android phone, you can also transfer the call to a phone number not in your contacts. You do this by pressing the keypad icon in the upper right corner.

Then enter the phone number you want to transfer to.

How to view your contacts' presence and calendar

By searching your contacts, you can access the individual's profile page. Here you can see phone presence  and calendar - depending, of course, on the permissions given to you by the contact. Click here for more on the topic of calendar access.

You can also write texts and email the contact. If you want to add the person as a favorite, simply touch the star at the top of the profile. Favorites appear at the top of the SkyApp contact list.

How to book meetings

You can also book meetings via SkyApp. To do this, go to your own calendar by pressing it on the front page and pick Add. You can now create a meeting directly by pressing Create meeting and entering the meeting details.

However, you can also pick Merge calendars. This allows you to see more calendars on top of each other, enabling you to easily find a time that is available to all participants. After selecting the meeting participants, press Merge. Find the right time and send your meeting invite.

Settings in the side menu

Pressing the button  in the upper left corner opens the side menu. Here you can alter settings for the way calls enter and exit your phone.

Under Display number schedule, you can plan which number you want to display at certain time intervals. You can choose between your OneNumber and your mobile number. This plan allows you to easily separate private and work life without having to manually shift numbers when you leave home.

If Display number schedule, is unavailable, it's because you have Mobile OneNumber.


In Call groups, you can temporarily exit mobile hunt groups in which you are a member. Mobile hunt groups are set up in Self-Service and memberships are defined here as well. You cannot log out of a call group if you are the last one in it. Note that this feature only handles mobile call groups - not, for instance, your Competella call groups.

In Display number, you can always see which phone number you show to the recipient of your call. Here you can also manually set it. If you have created a hunt group number and you are registered in Self-Service, you will also be able to select it here.

If you choose a number other than what you have specified in the Display number schedule, your manual selection will remain valid until the schedule changes it.

Quick redirects is only available to Business One customers. With this feature, you can temporarily forward your calls to another phone number with one click.

In Change password, you can change your password to SkyApp.

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