What is federation in Skype for Business?

Federation in Skype for Business is the ability to communicate with Skype for Business users in other organisations. Your organisation may choose to federate with all other organisations or just certain organisations of they choice.

If your organisation has opened for federation, it means you can:

  • Search for Skype for Business contacts using the user's SIP address (usually the same as their e-mail address)
  • Add them to your Skype for Business favourites
  • View status and communicate with them via instant messaging, video conferencing, meetings and desktop sharing.

And if we do not federate with others?

If your organisation has chosen not to open for federation with an organisation, they can only contact you on Skype for Business if you have an 8-digit number associated with your Skype for Business account.

People outside your organisation will not be able to see presence, instant message, attended meetings through Skype meeting invitation links or share desktop.

If users outside your organisation need to attend a Skype meeting with you, they can call the associated 8-digit number and join, but only hear audio - i.e. no video or sharing of desktop and files.

How to change your federation pattern

To change your organization's federal pattern, please contact us.


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