Colleagues as delegates

In case of vacation, illness or just out of office you can make one of your colleagues a delegate, that makes the colleague able to schedule Skype meetings, make calls and receive calls on your behalf. 

How to set delegates

  1. Start in Skype for Business
  2. Click the dropdown arrow by the cogwheel icon in the top right corner, select Tools and click Call forwarding settings 
  3. Click Edit my delegate members in the bottom of the window
  4. Click Add and add members to your group of delegates. Delegates are now able to schedule Skype meetings and make calls on your behalf.

The chosen delegates will be able to plan Skype-meetings and make calls on your behalf. If you want the delegates to receive calls on your behalf, leave the checkbox in the column Receive Calls ticked. If not, keep the box unticked.

If you choose that delegates receive calls, you must also select the delay before the call is forwarded. This is done at the bottom of the window. 

To enable the settings click OK and then OK again.

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