Forwarding calls

In this guide we will run through the various options for forwarding calls.

How to change call forwarding settings

  1. Start off in Skype for Business
  2. Click the list arrow by the cogwheel icon in the top right corner and find Tools on the list
  3. In Tools click Call Forwarding Settings

You will now be presented with three options for forwarding calls.

Turn off call forwarding

If you choose this first option on the list, only Skype for Business will receive calls, and no calls will be forwarded.

Forward my calls to

This option will forward calls immediately and your Skype for Business client will be bypassed completely. It is therefore necessary to choose a telephone number to forward to.

You can choose to forward calls to your voicemail, your mobile phone, new number or new contact or to a delegate - read more about delegates. The two last options are particularly useful when you are out of office or occupied by something else.

Simultaneous calls

The third and last option will allow you to receive calls to both Skype for Business on your computer and your desired number or contact at the same time.

To save the settings, click OK.

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