Adding private Skype contacts

You can also chat, call and share your screen with private Skype users. This guide will show you how to add a Skype user outside of your organisation to your contact list in Skype for Business.

How to add a private Skype user to your contact list

  1. Click the icon Add contact just below the search field
  2. Locate Add a contact not in my organization
  3. Click Skype in the list of contact providers
  4. Type in the e-mail address of the contact in the field IM Address and choose which contact group you wish to add the contact to. Please note that the e-mail address has to be linked with a Microsoft account. Another option is to use the contacts Skype ID followed by For example,
  5. Pick the contact group you want to place the contact in
  6. Then specify the Privacy level. Each of these privacy levels has some predetermined settings, which controls what you share with this contact. Each setting is described in detail below the field
  7. Click OK.

The Skype user will now appear in your contact list, but will carry the status Presence unknown until the contact has approved your invitation.

Please note that the option of interacting with private Skype contacts may be disabled in your Office 365 setup. If this is the case and you want it enabled, please contact your Office 365 administrator.

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