Troubleshooting on calendar issues in SkyApp

No calendar button under Contacts

If you cannot press the calendar button, when you have accessed a user, it may be due to a couple of things.

An error in SkyApp for iPhone

There is, unfortunately, an error in SkyApp for iPhone that under certain circumstances makes this button unavailable. The only known work-around is to delete SkyApp completely and reinstall it from App Store. Try this first, if you are iPhone user.

A reset of SkyApp is not enough in this case.

Missing Exchange setup by your customer

The SkyApp backend must be set up in order to do a look up of your users calendar on your Exchange server. If this setup has not been made, the calendar button will be unavailable. This setup is unfortunately not available in our Self-service, so please create a support ticket with us, if you encounter this problem.

Error message when trying to access other people's calendars

If you can see your own calendar in SkyApp, but gets an error message when trying to access other people's calendars, it is often due to missing rights in Exchange. The other user must allow you to see his/her calendar.

The permissions are set (depending on Outlook version) by clicking Calendar permissions in the tab Home.

Under settings you can grant the following permissions at user level - names may vary according to Outlook version:

  • Available/Not available
  • Limited info
  • All information
  • Editor
  • Substitute

SkyApp requires one of the last three roles to work. Both Editor and Substitute allows the other part to make changes in your calendar. All information, however, is the only role that will work with SkyApp, while at the same time limiting the other part to read-only. It allows access to all details - apart from entries marked private, of course.

Calendar rights - further explanation

It may seen strange that SkyApp does not work with Available/Not available, so here is a little more background.

Exchange offers calendar information through two systems:

  1. An actual calendar system, offering full calendar functionality, including creating and changing calendar entries.
  2. An Available/Not Available system that solely is intended to indicate whether a user is available at a certain time, possibly with very limited information on why.

To allow a look up of a user in the Available/Not Available system requires that the user, at minimum, has allowed the Only availability. Look ups in the calendar system, however, requires at minimum All information.

The Available/Not Available system does not support all the features we need for SkyApp, which is why we have chosen to use the full calendar system for the integration. This entails, unfortunately, that the calendar system needs that your users to be set up with the All information permission.

You may wonder why your can see other people's calendars in Outlook even if you only have permission to view Only availability or Limited information. But this is because Outlook uses both systems.

This means that Outlook will try and piece together information from the Available/Not Available system in Exchange, if there are missing permissions to access a calendar through the calendar system - with the limits this comes with. SkyApp could do this, but this feature is not available at the moment.

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