Skype meetings

With Skype for Business it is easy to create, invite to and participate in video meetings. This is how.

Creating a Skype meeting from Outlook

  1. Open the calendar in Outlook
  2. Click New Skype meeting from the top menu
  3. Fill in the meeting details and send

Creating a Skype meeting directly from Skype for Business

  1. Open Skype for Business
  2. Right-click the person you want to invite and pick Schedule a meeting
  3. This opens a blank meeting invitation with the person you picked in the address field
  4. Click Skype meeting from the top menu
  5. Fill in the meeting details - add more participants etc. - and send

How to participate in a Skype meeting

  1. Depending on your Outlook settings, a reminder will pop up on your screen prior to the meeting. Click the link in this reminder to join the meeting
  2. You can also click the link in the meeting entry in your calendar
  3. The meeting invitation also contains a telephone number enabling participants on the road to connect to the meeting via their phone
  4. If a participant does not have Skype for Business, the link in the invitation will lead to the free Skype for Business web application instead, and they will still be able to participate.

When in a Skype meeting

If you are the presenter in a Skype meeting you have the same options as when in a normal Skype for Business session: You file and screen share, present a PowerPoint, create a poll etc. You can also invite more people to the meeting by drag-and-dropping contacts from your contact list to the meeting or clicking the plus icon.

As a presenter you can also record the meeting in full HD - learn how to do that in this guide.

Larger meetings

In large meetings (4-5+ participants) it can be a good idea to set some restrictions on who can do what and when they can do it.

The meeting organiser can do this to set those restrictions from the participant panel. Click the little participants icon at the top to:

  • Mute participants
  • IM
  • Share files
  • Present PowerPoint
  • Share screen or application
  • Create a poll

The meeting organiser can also change settings for the individual participant. Right-click a participant to mute etc.

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