Screen sharing and PowerPoint presentations

In Skype for Business, sharing your screen or presenting a PowerPoint is as easy as a few clicks. Here is how. 

How to share your screen

  1. Start a chat with a contact you wish to share your screen with
  2. Click the screen share icon in the bottom of the chat window
  3. Click what your want to share - in this case Present Desktop
  4. If you have several monitors connected, you now need to choose which screen to share - all of them, your main screen or screen 2
  5. Click Present and accept the sharing by clicking Ok

You are now sharing your screen.

If you want to give the controls to the one you are sharing with, simply click Give control and the top of the window. Click Ok to confirm.

To take back control press Ctrl+Alt+Space on your keyboard. If you want to stop the presentation altogether, click Stop presentation at the top of your screen.

Share a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Start an IM with the contact with whom you want to share your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Click the screen share icon in the bottom of the IM window
  3. Choose the content you want to share - in this case Present PowerPoint files
  4. Locate the presentation file and click Open
  5. You are now back in the IM window, and your presentation is being transferred. Once completed, the front page of your PowerPoint presentation will be shown

Use the arrow at the bottom of the presentation window to navigate. In the left hand side there is an overview of the contacts you are sharing your presentation with. To add more contacts, click Invite more people and drag and drop.

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