How OneVoicemail works

OneVoicemail is your personal automatic answering service in Business One™ Pro for every user, ensuring that calls on your OneNumber are answered properly – and do not just end up on a mobile equivalent, or simply ringing out.

OneVoicemail is more than the usual voicemail service that we know from mobile voicemail, for example. OneVoicemail handles your diversions with an automatic voice message of your absence with details of when you are expected back – the so-called “Spoken Presence”. Additionally, OneVoicemail allows for two languages, (for example, Danish and English) as well as ensuring that callers have the opportunity to be transferred directly from your voicemail to a colleague who could answer the query.

OneVoicemail is integrated into the OnePresence web client, which allows you to listen to, delete, save, forward telephone messages and set the operator group and language from the web client.

With OneVoicemail you get:

  • Automatic answering service with the ability to automatically switch to operator/colleague

  • Dynamic voice response with two-lingual professional speech synthesis

  • Spoken presence of your status and potential activities in your calendar (requires Exchange status integration) Auto-attendant (set status through your voicemail, web Client and/or desk phone)

How to Access OneVoicemail

You can access OneVoicemail from all your tools in the Business One™ solution.

From a mobile phone call: +45 88180080

Tip: Insert this number into your phonebook and assign a speed dial on your mobile phone, to quickly and easily access OneVoicemail in the future.

Once you have entered OneVoicemail you must validate your account by entering your extension number + # (7 digits = client code (3 digits) + extension (4 last digits of your OneNumber), followed by your code + #.
From your desk phone you must either press the Message button  or dial 1015000. When you call from your desk phone, you will automatically be validated and come directly into the OneVoicemail menu.

From your OnePresence web client, go to the tab "Messages" where you can, via an internal or external player, listen to your voicemail messages. 


Menu Structure in OneVoicemail

Once you have dialled into your OneVoicemail, you will find the following structure:

The main menu is primarily focused on the messages that have been left for you. While you in  "Settings" (button selection * in the main menu) are able to manage your greetings.

Personal Greetings and Settings

In the OnePresence web client, see "Settings" and "Message settings" you can choose your personal settings for OneVoicemail, which have influence on how we present our greetings - see example below:

If it is chosen that one can choose language by incoming calls, with Danish as the primary language and English as secondary language, the greeting is presented as follows:

”For information in English, press 5. Velkommen. Du har ringet til…”

If you have enabled the ability for the caller to leave a message for you, the greeting says:

"Welcome. You have called Anders Andersen '. The person you are calling is unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone ... "

If "divert to the receptionist" is active:

"Welcome. You have called Anders Andersen '. The person you are calling is unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone. To reroute to the operator press 9..."

You also have two options to make your OneVoicemail personal - either by simply presenting your own name or by giving a greeting played after the spoken presence information about diversions. If you choose to present your own name, the greeting could be:

"Welcome. You have called Anders Andersen '. The person you are calling is unavailable... "

While the personal greeting sounds:

"Welcome. The person you have calling is unavailable. ’Hi! You called Anders Andersen. I’m on vacation…’"

Both personal greetings are recorded in your OneVoicemail, where you can activate them - Call OneVoicemail and press *, 1 (own name) or 2 (own greeting), speak your greeting (press 1) and activate it (press 4). If you have activated your own greeting, it will play instead of the greeting just including your name.

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