How to set up mobile data on iPhone

Your phone may need to be setup again to send and receive MMS messages. This is especially relevant if you have had your phone number moved to TDC from another phone carrier.

To have MMS messages correctly set up, you must first disable WiFi and iMessage.

  • Wi-Fi: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> disable Wi-Fi by sliding button left
  • iMessage: Settings -> Messages -> disable iMessage by sliding button left

Now you can reset settings.

  1. Access Settings
  2. Select Mobile Data and press Mobile Data Options
  3. Select Mobile Data Network and press Reset Settings at the very bottom

This will prompt the phone to restart.

Once restarted, check again that Wi-Fi is disabled, following the instructions above. Send an MMS message from your phone to your own number. This will prompt your phone to automatically download the correct settings from the network.

If you receive the MMS message correctly, your phone is all set. You can now enable Wi-Fi and iMessage on the phone.

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