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Using the Business One™ Operator Console, your receptionists become well equipped to handle any and all calls. Correct information at the right time means that customers calling through the exchange always get a prompt and friendly reply, even if the person they are looking for is not available. Receptionists always have the correct information on the screen via an easy-to-use interface:

  • User-friendly and intuitive application that provides a good overview
  • Always updated information on all employees
  • Integration with your calendar (requires Business One ™ Exchange
  • integration)
  • Presence across systems/applications: Telephone, Mobile, Web, Calendar etc.
  • Messages can be sent via the web, email and text
  • Message templates for easy/quick messaging
  • Highly intelligent search function
  • Tips for substitutes, alternative numbers, texts and symbols etc.
  • Administration rights of enterprise users, such as customizing name, department, keywords etc.

Getting started with your Operator Console

To log-in to the Operator Console:

  1. Double-click the Operator Console-logo, located on your PC's desktop. 
  2. Log in via Signature (by default your initials) and Password (extension).

The picture below will open and you can now see the list of your colleagues:


Joining a call group

Here is how to join a call group via your desk phone:

  1. Press the Login-button (on the functions list on the desk phone) to register for the reception queue. If you go a little further down in the functions list, you will see a light by the button Pause Grp. This means that you are enrolled in the reception queue, but are not ready to receive calls from the queue yet.
  2. Press the Ready-button to enter the queue. Pause Grp is disabled and you are now ready to receive calls from the reception queue.

*Login kan være erstattet af 742xx10011001, hvilket du bør omdøbe til Login, hvis det er tilfældet (se brugervejledning til Avaya 9600 telefon). Tilsvarende er Logout = #74, som også bør omdøbes.

Searching for co-workers

All searches start from the Search tab in the top left corner. Press ESC to return to Search.

Search by last name or extension

  1. Type the last name or extension number into the search box.
  2. The search takes shape after each character you type.
  3. With the arrows on the keyboard, go to the desired colleague and press Enter to see their details.

Search by first name

  1. Press ESC to clear the previous search.
  2. Type the first name (or all) into the search box.
  3. With the arrows on the keyboard, go to the desired colleague and press Enter to see their details.

Search by first and last name

  1. Type the first name in the search box.
  2. Make a space and then begin typing the last name.
  3. With the arrows on the keyboard, go to the desired colleague and press Enter to see the details

Free text search

  1. Type in a free text such as title, organization, department, keywords. project, cost center, initials in the search box.
  2. With the arrows on the keyboard, go to the desired colleague
    and press Enter to see the details.

Viewing co-worker details

When viewing a co-worker, you may seek further information (such as future absence-markings, tips, deputies, keywords) by pressing Enter on this colleague. This opens the tab Local. no. Up.

All absence markings can also be displayed in a graphical overview in the Operator Console. Simply go down to "Show forwarding-options graphically" and press Enter, and a new window in the Operator Console opens with a calendar display. Press ESC to close this window down again bringing you back to the Local no. Tab.

In order to advance to the Details tab, simply press Enter again, which will give you an overview of your colleague's details concerning organization, phone number, keyword, etc.

To return to the search screen, press ESC or ALT + R.

Handling Calls

The bottom of of the Operator Console is used to handle calls:


Answer an incoming call

  1. An incoming call is being presented in the A-part
  2. To answer the call, press Enter on the numeric keypad. 

Transfer call

  1. Search for the wished colleague in the search bar or press the colleague's local number on the numeric keypad
  2. Press Enter (numeric keypad) to transfer the call

Call on hold against a busy extension

  1. When a co-worker is busy, it is presented with a yellow colour in the B-part.
  2. To put a call on hold towards a busy extension, press Enter (numeric keypad).

Make an outgoing call

  1. Press the preferred number on the numeric keypad or find the number in an internal or an external search.
  2. Press (numeric keypad) to make the call. 

End a call 

How to end a call depends on, which of your ongoing conversations, you wish to end.  

  1. To end a conversation with the A-part, press Delete
  2. To end a conversation with the B-part, press End
  3. To end a conversation with both the A-part and the B-part, press (you will find the minus button on the numeric keypad).

Handling of call forwarding/presence status

A call forwarding or "presence" status code contains information about the reason of a co-worker's absence and when the co-worker is expected back. This status can either be handled by the user self through the Exchange calendar, OnePresence client (web or mobile version) or of the receptionist in the PC Reception.

How to change it through the PC Reception: 

  1. Find the wished co-worker in the search field and press F2. 
  2. Choose the code of the cause in the drop-down menu. 
  3. Fill out the timeframe for the absence/the transfer. If the absence is from the current time, the field From should not be filled out. If the absence needs to be set to so far, write ? in the To field, and if the absence is to start from one day or one hour from the now, write +1 in the date- or time field. 
  4. In the text field you write the information, as the receptionist should know according to the call forwarding. 
  5. Choose where the call should be forwarded to (OneVoicemail, the reception etc.) or if the telephone should be open through out the absence. 
  6. Press Enter to save the call forwarding.

To change a call forwarding, please go to the extension tab, where you can find the call forward and press Enter to open it. You are now able to change the circumstance, you wish, before you press Enter again to save and close the call forwarding. 

Through the PC Reception you will be able to erase a call forward for a co-worker, just mark the call forward and click Delete


Send a message to a co-worker

If you wish to send a message to a co-worker, for example a Voicemail, you will be able to send it directly through the PC Reception without changing program. 

  1. Find the wished co-worker through the search view and press F3
  2. Write your message and choose your preferred media to send it through (E-mail and/or SMS).  
  3. Be aware that if you click Enter, your message will be sent. If you wish to change lines in the message, press CTRL + Enter
  4. If you wish to copy other co-workers, search for their contact details by clicking to the Copy-filed og click Insert. 
  5. Click Enter to change send the message.

Symbols in the PC Reception 

Below you can find a selection of the most important symbols in the PC Reception.

Colour indication of call forwarding:

Red text indicates that there is an active call forwarding. 

Blue text indicates that a call forwarding is going to be active within the next 24 hours.

Black text indicates that a call forwarding is going to be active in the future, more than 24 hours from the current time. 

Grey text indicates that a call forwarding is outdated but is still in the system (for example 5 minute break after the 5 minutes is dated). 

External contacts

Besides user search between co-workers you are also able to search among external contacts such as suppliers, customers and business partners. When in the Search-tab, click on the drop-down menu in the Search-field, choose external contacts or (Everybody) and start your search. You will be able make the search by first name, surname, both names, company or phone number.

Change of information on an internal or external contact

If you wish to change information on a co-worker or external contact, start by searching for the contact in the Search-tab. Then press F4, which opens the Change-function.

Internal contacts

For the internal contact you will be able to change information in the Change-function: 

  • Name: All information regarding name and profile picture.
  • Roles: Local number, direct number, mobile number, e-mail, titel, chief, room, space, Voicemail, working hours, interests, language etc.
  • Be aware that if you change numbers on a user in the PC Reception, the change will not automatically be updated on the underlying Business One telephone central. Therefore the change also must be done here! 
  • Tip: Add/change tips on a user such as delegates, attention points, telephone hours.
  • Organization: association to the organization.
  • Keywords: Add/change keywords on the user within the already defined keywords.
  • Schedule: scheduling of a specifik transfer/absence.
  • Message type: if the user should be able to receive messages through e-mail and/or SMS. 
  • Voicemail settings: The user's voicemail settings.

External contacts

To change information on external contacts there are limited possibilities to change the information. You can change the following: 

Contact person: All contact information

Message type: if the contact should be able to receive messages through e-mail and/or SMS

When you need to enable a new external contact, do as follows: 

  1. Find the External search-tab og press ESC.
  2. Open the Change-field by pressing F4
  3. Fill out the details of the contact and press Close (Udfyld kontaktens detaljer og tryk LUK (the cross in the upper right corner)
  4. Accept that you wish to save the new contact.

Change Pro

If a co-worker needs to be added in to a new level in the organizational plan with a new keyword or you need to create new message templates, you will be able to change it by using the function Change Pro. Change Pro can be started by clicking on the icon (the upper right corner). 

Open the tree by Administration on the left side and find the subject, that you wish to edit.

In the bottom of the Change Pro window you will be presented with your possibilities within the subject, for instance in the example above, within Keywords you are able to add new, delete existing and get an overview of which contacts are already added to this search word. 

After the creation of a new keyword you need to close down Change Pro, find the contact, that needed the new keyword, open Change (by pressing F4)  and adding this keyword to the contact. You are now able to use this as a parameter for your search. 

The advantage of message templates is, that it makes it even faster to the receptionists to send a voice mail to the right contact, which automatically includes, who has been calling the person, telephone number, time of the call etc. 

Keyboard layout for the PC Reception

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