How to do a phone number transfer

As a Self-service admin user you just need to register the e-mail address of the person who has the nesessary information. In most cases: the person owning the phone number.

If you have all the info yourself, you can carry out the process by entering your own e-mail address in Self-service.

This will create a new ticket with us at TDC Cloud Support, enabling you and the user to follow the process and ask any follow up questions. The user will also be issued an e-mail describing the process.


Simply follow the link in the e-mail you (or the user) receive and enter the PIN number mentioned in the e-mail.

Once the PIN number has been entered, the user will be directed to the number porting form, where all the relevant data must be entered.

Once that is done click Download fuldmagt. This stores the entered data, the support ticket is updated and the authorisation is downloaded.

Print the authorisation, sign it, scan it and send it attached in a reply to one of the e-mails sent to you from TDC Cloud Support. You can also visit the ticket in TDC Cloud Support and upload the file there.

Both you and the user will be notified, when we register the authorisation and initiate the porting.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at +45 77 33 71 71.  


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