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OneStatus aims to display and playback the Business One™ users precise status or availability - whether colleagues are talking on the mobile phone, on the desk phone or are busy or absent, these statuses are displayed with busy indicator or diversions. OneStatus clearly shows, if someone is available, busy or absent with Business One™ clients (both OnePresence web client and PC Reception). Thereby you avoid calling an already busy and/or unavailable colleague – adding to both their own and the customer’s increased satisfaction.

If the solution also includes the Business One™ Calendar integration, the organization gains access to the users' calendar information directly from the OnePresence web client and PC Reception, and subsequently the user's planned absence/unavailability, which is also included in the OneStatus concept. Customers, who call you, get an instant and proper indication of when the person they want to reach is back from a meeting, for example. Furthermore, the operator has the overview of days ahead in the calendar, allowing them to give proper notice of when the person is back from a period of absence, for example a business trip or vacation.

OneStatus is of course also integrated with OneVoicemail, whereby spoken presence in OneVoicemail speaks the correct greeting, if the call is not answered - for instance a message to the caller "... talking on the phone ..." or "... is in a meeting and will return at xx: xx ...".

With OneStatus you get:

  • View of the phone status of all colleagues - both mobile and desk phones
  • Integration with OneVoicemail with correct spoken presence
  • Overview and spoken presence of calendar appointments with Calendar integration in the Business One™ solution

OneStatus Display in Applications

OneStatus covers, as previously described, two types of statuses – busy and unavailable. The images below show these in the Business One™ applications; OnePresence web client and PC Reception:


Business One™ Calendar Integration

With Business One™ Pro, you can integrate your Exchange calendar appointments in your OnePresence web client and the company's PC Reception. The integration consists in the Business One™ solution by copying your calendar appointments into the solution, so they are visible to you and your colleagues AND also automatically sends your calls to OneVoicemail when you are occupied in meetings and other activities.


Integration of Exchange calendar activity in the Business One™ solution naturally demands the users' use of their calendars, as an activity in the calendar will be treated as an unavailable time period in the Business One™ solution, that divert the calls directly to OneVoicemail. However, some users use their calendar activities as reminders and sticky notes, which ultimately will send calls to OneVoicemail too. This may be varied with different calendar codes, which are described in separate sections of this manual.

Additionally, it is important to note that the integration copies the calendar appointments from Exchange to Business One™ - but NOT vice versa. Thus, calendar appointments from Exchange will be presented in the Business One™ clients, while the diversions set in OnePresence web client will not be copied into your calendar. Therefore, you are advised to keep your calendar updated, above all, and apply OnePresence to enable ad hoc absence such as lunch, temporarily breaks or diversions of your extension.

Standard Calendar Activities

In Exchange, there are four default calendar activities:

  • Free
  • Tentative
  • Busy
  • Away

These four calendar activities lead to different diversions in the Business One™ solution:

  • Free -> The phone is kept open and activity is not presented in the Business One™ clients
  • Tentative -> The phone is kept open and activity is not presented in the Business One™ clients
  • Busy -> Calls are sent to OneVoicemail and activity is presented in the Business One™ clients 
  • Away -> Calls are sent to OneVoicemail and activity is presented in the Business One™ clients

With Busy and Away calendar activities, a message is played in OneVoicemail that says: ”The person you are calling is in a meeting and will return at xx:xx (the calendar activity end time)…

Below is a presentation of the 4 calendar activities in the Exchange and OnePresence web client:

Presentation in OnePresence

The search tab in the Business One™ OnePresence web client displays only the current diversions and calendar activities to give a quick overview of colleagues’ availability, such as:

Additionally, colleagues’ current and future availability is also displayed in a graphic image (as below) by clicking on this icon:

By clicking on each colleague you can see a more detailed overview of a colleague’s availability. Appointments/diversions marked in red are the current presence information, while future appointments/ diversions are in blue. In here you can again press to get a graphical view:

"(Outlook)" in the top line of the activity indicates that it is imported from Exchange (Outlook), whereas "(WEB)" indicates it is imported from the web client, and diversions made from the PC Reception uses the operator’s initials.

Features in OnePresence

Business One™ Calendar integration offers a number of additional features in OnePresence web client to control imported calendar activities. You can, for instance, edit calendar activities by pressing  or deleting them from the Business One™ solution by pressing   on  the right of each activity. In both cases, the change you are making from the web client will not change the activity in your Exchange calendar. Here it remains unchanged.

Once you have chosen to edit the calendar activity, you can change:

  • Reason for diversion
  • Period of diversion
  • Where calls are diverted to or keeping the phone open
  • Subject heading applicable to the activity
Messages only the operator can view in the PC Reception

NB: Remember to press “Divert” to save changes.

Once the changes are saved, the origin of the activity changes from (Outlook) to (WEB).

If you choose to keep your phone open during a calendar activity, this will be presented with in front of the activity so that colleagues (and yourself) have clear view of the fact that you are available on your phone, despite the calendar activity.
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