An introduction to SkyApp

This guide will introduce you to the features of TDC SkyApp.

Why SkyApp?

Free yourself from your desk and experience the same overview, access to information and easy communication when you are on the go. With SkyAppyou will own a host of smart features that will help you and your colleagues save time and resources.

Presence and quick call transfer

SkyApp Presence automatically follows the entries in your work calendar, but you can also use predefined quick call transfers to easily set yourself in break, lunch or meeting mode and with it pause your OneNumber. Callers will be met by a professional spoken presence message, informing the caller of your status and when he or she can expect you to return the call.

Example: "For information in Danish press 5. Welcome. You have called John Doe. The person you seek is in a meeting, but will return at 4 pm. Please leave a message after the tone. To call our reception, press 9”.

In quick transfers you can always manually open for incoming calls by pressing Open phone. This feature is useful if you want to receive calls during the meeting or lunch, or if a meeting ends ahead of time.


With SkyApp comes OneVoicemail, an intuitive Visual Voicemail that makes it easy to listen to, search in, delete and forward your voicemail messages without having to call a number and navigate the voicemail with complicated key combinations.


Control when you want to display your OneNumber or mobile phone. You can also use scheduling to determine which time periods and on which days to display your OneNumber when calling from your mobile phone, desk phone or soft phone.  

In addition to OneNumber and mobile phone number you can also choose to display group or main number directly from your mobile phone, desk phone or soft phone.  


Transferring calls directly in SkyApp is quick and easy and requires only a few steps. Answer the call and access SkyApp. Find the person you want to transfer the call to, press the transfer icon and pick the number you want to transfer the call to. A message will pop up at the bottom of the app and the call has been transferred.


With the build-in callback feature in SkyApp you can bring down your mobile phone bill with up to 70% when you call colleagues, family or friends during business travels or vacations abroad.

Using the callback feature, SkyApp will send a message to call the person you want to talk to. When your phone rings, simply pick up and the call is connected – quick and easy, and you will have the person’s status and information at hand right in the app, and you will save money.

SIP Out — call Danish number from abroad for free!

With the SIP function in SkyApp you can call via the internet. This is especially useful when abroad. It is as easy as placing a regular call and your own number is displayed to the call recipient. The only thing you need is a Wi-Fi internet connection.

If you have a Cloud Mobile or Mobile Pro subscription you can call for free to Danish fixed line and mobile phone numbers with SIP Out – no matter where you are in the world. Other phone numbers are billed according to going rates, as if you placed the call from Denmark. You save the roaming fee.

Manual call in SIP Out

If you want to call a number not in your SkyApp:

  • Go to Dialer via the button in the top right corner
  • Key in the phone number you want to call
  • Press and hold the button Call Number. If your phone has Wi-Fi internet connection, SkyApp will automatically place the call as a SIP Out call.

Calendar sharing (Microsoft™ Exchange®)

SkyApp works with your and your colleagues’ calendars. With calendar sharing you get a quick overview of your own and your colleagues’ meetings, making it easy to set up a new meeting. And you can invite your colleagues directly from SkyApp.

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