How to sign in to Self-service

If you are already set up as your company's administrator, you have access to Self-service, where you can create, cancel and edit subscriptions and users and get an overview of our invoices to the company. Your access to the various areas in Self-service depends, however, on the access rights your admin profile was created with.

Access Self-service at

Sign in with your work e-mail address and your password for TDC Cloud Support.

If you have yet to create a password or forgot it, simply click Forgot my password. We will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to reset and choose a new password.


On your initial sign in you will be asked to enter your customer ID and password. At the sign in page you can click the link How do I locate the account ID? and follow the instructions.


You can request the password by contacting us or calling us at +45 7733 7171. 

Please enter all the account ID's and password you have access to. Tick Jump to self-service next time I login and click Continue to self-service.

You are now ready to use Self-service.

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