How to create a new employee

As an administrator, you can create subscriptions and order phone numbers for your colleagues. You do this via our Self-service tool, and it takes only a moment.

Start by logging in to Self-service – if you have forgotten how, check out this guide.

Once you are in, click on Subscriptions and pick Create new subscription.

Choose the subscription you want for the employee.

Fill in name, initials, title and a couple of other pieces of employee information in the left column under User info.

In the right column you will need to decide whether the employee should have a brand new number or if he or she wants to transfer an existing number.

Whether you want a new number or want to move a number, you need to decide what size of mobile package the employee needs.

You choose it under Mobile package.

If the employee wishes to move his number, you will also be asked to enter the existing number and e-mail address of the employee who currently owns the number.

To move a number, the owner must sign an authorization, which we send to his or her current operator. This authorization is sent to the e-mail address that you enter in the Valid email address of the current owner. Note that there may be a binding period on the employee's current phone number that delays the transferral.

At the bottom you can choose to have one or more data-only SIM card shipped along with the main SIM card. This is free on the upper mobile plans.

If you pick New number, the employee will be assigned a new telephone number. If you have available numbers associated with your business, you can choose one of them in the Mobile Number field.

Once you have filled in all fields in the form correctly, click Proceed with order at the bottom of the box to the right.

You are now taken to a page where you can check all your entered information. If you have any changes, click I would like to modify my order.

If everything looks fine, click Create subscription.

Now we set up the employee and initiate any number transferral. We also send a welcome e-mail to the employee with a description of how they log in to Skype for Business.

The employee now appears in Self-service under the Subscriptions section, where you can manage your subscriptions. If you need it, there is a guide to navigating Self-service here.


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