How do I access YouSee Musik?

NOTE: If you want to move playlists from your current music service to YouSee Musik, we recommend that you follow these instructions (in Danish) before setting up on YouSee Musik. You need to do the same if you are joining TDC Erhverv Teams or Skype for Business from a Scale or One+ solution.

YouSee Musik is included in your mobile phone subscription, if your company has chosen our Works or Teams mobile packages or you are under the public sector SKI agreement. You can ask the person responsible for your telephony in your company, whether this applies to you and your colleagues. 

Once onboarded as a customer with us, and your Works or Teams mobile subscription is activated, you will receive an SMS with a link to create a new user profile for YouSee Musik. If you have not received a link or have an existing Works or Teams mobile subscription, you can click here:

1. The link leads you to a page, where you click Jeg vil gerne have et login med begrænset adgang, ved hjælp af sms-kode.


2. Key in your mobile phone number and click Næste.


3. This will send a temporary password to your phone.

4. Enter the password and click Videre.


5. Fill in the form and click Opret.


6. You have now created your login.


With your login you can now access YouSee Musik - e.g. by downloading the app YouSee Musik.


You can also access YouSee Musik on your PC or Mac via

Happy listening.

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