Privacy Policy for SkyApp

This Privacy Policy concerns TDC Erhverv’s SkyApp.

What data do we collect and store?

SkyApp collects the following contact information on the user: Name, e-mail
address, mobile phone number, calendar information, contacts, voicemail messages and information on presence.

Name, e-mail address and mobile phone number, linked to the user’s phone subscription, is collected from TDC Erhverv’s Billing database.

Contacts are collected from various sources:

  • TDC Erhverv’s Billing database (other users on the same customer account)
  • Exchange (the user’s private Exchange contacts)
  • Skype AD (only in connection with Skype for Business customers – the user’s global Skype contacts)
  • The phone’s own address book

Information on presence is also collected from various sources:

  • Mobile network
  • Exchange
  • Skype

Calendar information is collected from Exchange.

Data collection from Exchange requires that the customer, with which the user is associated, has  configured the Exchange integration.

Contacts from the phone’s own address book are sent to TDC Erhverv’s servers, where an aggregated contact list is generated. This list is forgotten on the server, once the list is returned to the phone.

All communication between SkyApp and our servers is encrypted.

What is stored data used for?

Stored data is solely used for the operation of SkyApp.

TDC Erhverv reserves the right to also use collected data in connection with generating statistics and any debugging.

When is stored data deleted?

All related data on the phone is deleted, when you delete SkyApp on your phone. The SkyApp user is deleted, once his/her subscription with TDC Erhverv is terminated. Logs, however, are not deleted.

How do we protect your data?

We never hand over your data to third party, but we cannot guarantee 100% security when data is transferred over the internet. This means that there is a risk that others gain unauthorized access to information when data is transferred and stored electronically.

Note that you submit your personal information at your own risk.

When we update this Privacy Policy

SkyApp is continually developed. As a consequence, we reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy.

In the event of substantial changes, we will inform you via announcements on our webpages and/or in SkyApp.

Contact information

If you want more details, please contact us via our phone number or contact form – both are available at

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